This is a graphic i’ve done when my friend Bertrand left his sponsor Creme Skateboard last year after months of royalties overdue and various disagreements as well… anyway we made that Eazy-E rip-off graphic based on the “It’s on Dr.Dre 187um Killa” cover from 1993 as a visual retaliation. In my opinion it could have ended up easily on a deck bottom. -KoolFunc’88


They’re here! fresh out the oven… The brand new 2011 HazeWheels “Crook’D’Toons” series including the 5 pro-models (Smith, Sin, Horvat, Bressol, Soubrier) in a 50 to 54 range + a 242 x HazeWheels collabo, a Creepn’Crawl cruiser, 58mm/78a and a special filmer Ludovic Azemar wheel, 65mm/78a. Here’s a few shots! Ask for them at your local skateshop or drop us an email! (Graphics by yours truly inspired by the 90s Blind Toons series) -KoolFunc’88

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