Just to let you know that you can order our limited edition skateboards through our trusted dealers like Nozbone or Snowbeach. Otherwise, Chattanooga, Starcow Paris carrying them too directly in store and Btr Perpignan, AttitudeSk8 Hossegor, Milk Nantes got em too, i hope a few others will come. If you’re interested just drop us an email. Thank you all for the support it’s mad crazy how we got positive feedback around the project. To check out the first series just go there! and to support us , go on our Facebook Fan Page which is a relay to the blog aswell -KoolFunc’88


I’ve never had the chance to watch this film about Hosoi, and yesterday i finally put my hands on and it was a great time, good movie with a lot of archives and legends interviews…and i didn’t know about the bad times of his carreer, and it was sad and deep! Anyway he’s still riding today so it will be all good now. -KoolFunc’88


Yesterday, i’ve been rollin’ around the eiffel tower and make a stop to the ” bassins”, remembering the early/mid 90’s, when they used to dry them off. It was so cool and such a fun place for skateboarders and bmxers. Idk why they choose water and ducks over fun, hehehe. Back then we even used to be chased by the eiffel tower cops, but it was worth the price to see riding guys like Claus Grabke, Natas Kaupas, Jason Lee, Gonzales or Danny way…right in front of you, kicking some crazy tricks instead of watching em’ in your daily home Vhs!!! I’ve tried to find some archives but can’t make it on the web. -KoolFunc’88

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Honestly, i have never heard about Jimbo doing his own thing in skateboard industry with SickStix and apparently he has also done a few graphics for LiveOak. I’ve found those on a Japanese website, they really got some crazy things nobody can put their hands on….like some PPS shirt i’ve never seen before (Maybe it’s just bootlegs by the way.)