Designed by Sam Potts | Country: United States. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is your go to brand for all of your crime fighting essentials. Sales of these whimsical products help support the NYC chapter of 826 National. 826 National is a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in seven cities across the country. Their goal is to assist students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to help teachers get their classes excited about writing. –(Courtesy of Bloody Mary and lovelypackage.com)

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That boy jeremy at Civilian Asylum and his team are mad crazy!!! their goal is to create or duplicate skate designs on top of the decks with “griptape”, cut-outs and paint markered!  It’s a fuckin’ amazing job, + working with grip tape all day is so abrasive for fingers, it’s gone make me mad at all!! Impressive. I hope Sk8face give em a shot in their next to come Dvd… –KoolFunc’88




What we got at SE Racing for 2010? I will say pretty good things indeed, even if they have dropped in 2009 a fucking fire serie, especialy if you’re a fan of “big bikes” like me, i mean 24″, 26″ & 29″, they continue the quest to regain the “old school” SE touch, back when Scott was in charge with the 80’s touch like on that wonderfull 24″ quadangle (Metal red /Blue)!!!…..

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First i saw that promotional poster in London subway a few month ago, I’ve instantly flashed on the design, that remember me “2001, Space Odyssey” with a twist of “Psycho” or whatever…the thing is the subject and the imagery keep me want to see that movie. This afternoon, i finally saw it and it’s beautifull like i expected it : Great realisation, fantastic photography, very good score, interesting scenario and Sam Rockwell, who is the only actor hold his role perfectly!! All i can say is, for a 1st movie, Duncan Jones (the son of  David Bowie) do an amazing job! If you like Sci-Fi thrill, you’ll like that movie. –KoolFunc’88