Robert “Bob” M. Peak (May 30, 1927 – August 1, 1992) was an American commercial illustrator best known for innovative design in the development of the modern movie poster. His artwork has been on the cover of Time magazine, TV Guide, and Sports Illustrated. He also illustrated advertisements and U.S. postage stamps. Peak illustrated posters for designer Bill Gold including My Fair Lady, and Camelot, as well as Rollerball (1975), the first six Star Trek films, Superman (1978), In Like Flint, and Apocalypse Now.(Wikipedia). Here’s some of his great illustrations! -KoolFunc’88

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Today I’ll highlight the legendary Mongoose KOS Kruiser. Named after the 80’s team rider champion Jeff Kosmala who was riding in 26″ ABA, NBL Division. The first model has appeared around 1979, but the classic ones, the most sought after items by bmx collectors are the 1981 24″ & 26″ KOS. Definitly some fuckin’ radical bikes with that original 80’s usa bmx vintage look. It’s warzone on Ebay for KOS kits & bits. -KoolFunc’88



Hajime Sorayama (空山基, Sorayama Hajime, born February 22, 1947) is a Japanese illustrator, known for his precisely detailed, erotic airbrush portrayals of women and feminine robots. Sorayama’s work Sexy Robot, published by Genko-sha in 1983,[6] made his organic robotic forms famous around the world. For the work, he used ideas from pin-up art, which in the book then appear as chrome-plated gynoids in suggestive poses. His next book, Pin-up (Graphic-sha, 1984), continue in the same line. A number of his other works similarly revolve around figures in suggestive poses, including highly realistic depictions in latex and leather. Thanks Wikipedia…sometimes i’m too lazy to write the introduction with my bad english and with Sorayama, pictures talk well better than words! So here’s a selection of sexy female robots…or half robots! This is cyber sex, soooooo nerdy!!! -KoolFunc’88



Angus McKie is an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics industry. He is best known as an English science fiction illustrator whose work appeared on the covers of numerous science fiction paperback novels in the mid 1970s and 1980s, as well as in Stewart Cowley’s Terran Trade Authority series of illustrated books. His illustrations often present highly detailed spacecraft against vividly colored backgrounds and high-tech constructions as demonstrated by his pioneering work on The Dome: Ground Zero for DC Comics imprint Helix in 1998…-KoolFunc’88

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Chapter IV, Fall/Winter 2009, it’s right now in stores. For that serie we choose to make a follow up to the precedent season with a more versatile line. They ask me for some more “C” variations (a classic Carhartt grafic), I’d delivered a few new custom “C’s” as some american sport inspired grafics, i’ve always got love for north american sport grafics…I mean, look at what professional sport teams have to wear here in europe, It’s pooooooooor!! anyway, the rest of the collection is basically 1 color simple grafics not based on a distinct concept but more on what i got on my mind at that time. I don’t get so much left over so, i think i’ d worked well, hehe!!!. My favourites models are the “RULERS 89” with the baseball bats and the un-selected  “FLIP THE GAME”, and i love the Bmx Chain “C” too!  -KoolFunc’88

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