This is exactly the type of thing i like in product making history….company like Creature; doing anti-commercial products! that’s fucking rad! By the way you’d better check out the full article on TWS showcasing Willis Kimbel’s Quiver….and NO! old school boards are NOT cruisers! // “Creature saw everybody making these little gimmick, small surfboards. So Lee [Charron] was like ‘How ’bout we make ‘em out of metal, so sharp it’s dangerous. It’ll be bad ass.’ It is so sharp on the nose, if that thing hit your ankle, it’d go right through it. That board was so dangerous, not only could they not sell them but they had to prove that they had all been destroyed. They were 20, 24 of them and they had to get a clip of the mill taking all those boards and throwing them in to a kiln. They had to prove that they’d destroyed them.” – Willis Kimbel