NS Bikes has finally launch his new year’s collection for Urban/DirtJump Bikes. Basically two models with different level of equipement. The Holy 1 & 2 (The 24″) with rigid fork, a big Bmx. The Metropolis 1,2 and 3 (the 26″) for biggest riders and aggressive urban commuting. As usual on the complete factory bikes, you can add a 300$+ for a serious suspension fork cause the original mounted one (Marzocchi DJ III) is heavy as fuck!!! All other parts on each bikes are just perfect. If we have to talk about “look” right here, the Metropolis II (Black/blue) is kinda ill! Pretty good line-up for completes at NS this year. Pick yours for the spring to come. -KoolFunc’88

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Tanner is a painter/illustrator/customiser from L.A (now). I know him cause a friend of mine discovers his work and tried to work something with him for a record label identity a few years ago. At the time i’ve found he was a in-house designer for Powell at the end of the 90’s. He perpetuates the skull & bones legacy started by VCJ, creating some grafics for the brand. Of course it’s in a modern way with a lot of computerized parts for the colors but the guy got his own style and i like his black and white illustrations. Here’s a little sampler of his work, Tanner’s got skillz. -KoolFunc’88

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Shame 125 is one of the guy from NY that has inspired a lot of people, especialy in europe like Skeme do. For my part i think his piece for the KRS-1 video clip with the Scott Larock dedication above is just “Perfect” and can be the exemple of a what a simple classic coloured piece must be (for my taste…). Anyway, Shame was not a hardcore technician or a complex wild-styler but he got that touch you cant front! Here’s a few pieces i’ve digged from the web (there’s not that much…) -KoolFunc’88

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All right, Carhartt has just released his new collection Spring/Summer 2010 where i have my last pieces for em’ as my 5th season. Of course i have received some samples a while back but i’ve discovered today what they have cop for real for the final line-up. So at the end i got about 13 grafics selected, the rest was done by Play Area, Eric Elms, Will Kemp, Benny Gold and of course the in-house designer Zeek&Destroy. I think it was the collection i have done the most grafics for (about 30). As it was my last one, i have to say it was a pleasure to work for Carhartt and i have to thank a lot Wilfried who introduced me to the brand and make me work for about 3 years with em. here’s a selection of selected and un-selected pieces. Of course i would have been chosen different pieces but it’s not my part of the work and i assume they do good with the commercial part… -KoolFunc’88

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It looks like the new Terry Gilliam is full of fantasy-art and surealism, the dali-style!…those screenshots are just magic, as usual Terry push the fantasy to the limit and create beautifull creative images. I don’t know about the plot and the story behind that but i would definitly want to see it for sure…(more picts if you keep reading, they’re unofficial so don’t spread please) -KoolFunc’88



Cease & Desist collection is well known by Skateboard deck collectors because they used to re-released what is impossible to make anymore…All those grafics which received a “Cease & Desist” letter, explaining to stop immediatly the production and the distribution of the product by federal order due to copyrights. So those people at C&D reanimate the abandonned grafics and re-print em’ in very limited quantities with real traditional screen-printing and original board shapes. It’s like an amazing job from real skate grafic lovers. All those Heat Transfer decks from nowadays seams pretty whack beside the real old-school made boards. For the past few years, C&D has released a good selection of “very” hard to find models like the famous Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso “Wonderland”, SMA Jim Thiebaud “Joker” but especially a lot World Ind.! (you know that is the brand who got the most C&D letters!). So when a deck comes from C&D, the day after there’s no more deck to purchase, instant sold-out! As i write this post they’re about to drop a new one in a few hours (model stays secret till the online release). If you want to cop something rare in skateboard art go spy that page! -KoolFunc’88