I’m particulary proud of those ltd edition boards we did with Stephane Larance & Franck Barattiero. Honestly if you have told me in the late 80’s i will do a pro (Bro)-graphic with Steph Larance on my own Skateboard project i would probably called you a nuts! But the thing is we did it the proper way, Steph is a friend, he does it 100% for the fun of it and the love of skateboard, he killed it like always. If you want to cop a board hit this link or check out with your local skateshop. Thanks to Florian Lanni for filming and editing this, thanks to Ed. Murphy and the Wonderland’s Okey Dokey for the inspiration….


captainconsorippercoffinMaking skateboard graphics is hella fun but cutting wood shapes is nearly almost exiting. This one is maybe my 3rd or 4th coffin shape, i like that cut! This time i made a big one for Captain Conso, one of our photographer/collaborator, it comes as a 9″ wide and 32″ long, a perfect death machine, setted-up with our HazeWheels Death is Drivin 78a wheels, Dip black and inverted cross finish, built for speed !!!

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