We have to start this new year with some new collectibles…So here’s a few ones. First, there is that “Writing To Persist” Moebius tribute art by Pantone and based on one of his artworks for the Moebius Tribute exhibition at MTN Gallery, this past summer. (I’ve planed on releasing models from every U.B members, so it’s a good start for your upcoming collection). Then, we have a rendition of the Metal band Savatage classic logo, simple & sober grey on black, and finally a re-issue of our classic “Cosmic Commander” (Above) in a Metalic flake blue, inspired by the old 90’s euro Sparvar spraycans. Everything was hand-printed by WildBarz in Belgium and comes in a very limited run as usual. Check out the Collectibles area. ⚡


The last WBJ collectibles are in stock. Don’t expect sun & flowers, it’s all about darkside, threat and black magic… the 5 new t-shirts are available now on our collectible page. All limited to 25 pieces printed by Wildbarz in Belgium. ⚡KoolFunc’88

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