I’m running this blog page only to share fun stuff, all the materials are picked-up on the web so if you have any complaint, question or whatever to ask me you can contact me anytime (ub.webringjustice@gmail.com)

The WBJ shop is the only place on earth to find genuine UltraBoyz collectibles, i’m taking care of everything from manufacturing to shipping. We didn’t get paid out of this, all the money is re-injected into next production, so when you cop something from us you really help and support us! One more time if you have any question just shoot me a email.

Please no bullshit, we don’t have time for that and you’d probably have way better things to do.

Hope you could have fun scrolling down the news and archives of my nerdy life!


*WeBringJustice was a longtime baseline for my crew UltraBoyz, so i named this blog after this sentence.

39 Responses to About/Contact

  1. Gumo says:

    UB is the true school, one crew, one spirit, international hustler damnnn !!
    good vibes & real street Art, i hope that you make an exhibition in Paris this year !
    peass & light

  2. Armor says:

    Well done guyz.
    Very curious to see what will be done in the berlin tower project ( hnt )

    long life

    secret cp5

  3. Matt French says:

    wanna see some of my newest art?

  4. vincent matthu says:

    intéressé par ton sculpture generator
    où le distribues tu? cherches tu à le promouvoir/distribuer?
    j’aime vraiment bcp

    merci de me contacter



  5. Hi, nice to meet you !

  6. c&d says:

    hey hit me up. call me at 310.446.5527 and ask for cameron. leave a message with name and number if I am not there.

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  8. Kalo de 78 says:

    had the pleasure of bumping into mr. seen and prince pro in the middle of a parisian night last month. the perfect occasion to big up all of the VLTRAS. OG status if you ask me. keep them shirts/graphics coming.

  9. norton says:

    yo!!! BIG respect !! your work are amazing!!!!
    ps: your t-shirts are always available??

  10. norton says:

    merci pour le pack mr KOOL FUNK! ca tue!

  11. Remko says:

    How does the whole C&D process work?

    • KOOLFUNC'88 says:

      I’m not working with C&D, but basically they released long time no-reissue decks from companies like World or Blind illegaly in a very low quantity with top quality screen-printing and an approaching shape to the og. You only can buy those decks via Hrlife, Los Angeles by phone the day they released the series. After that it’s on ebay with a 50 to 100% increased price. Opinions are divided about their actions in the Skateboard graphic community as they don’t reward the original artist…By the way i’ve never had one in hands to tell you if it’s great or not. Hope this clear things up for you with C&D.

  12. Tatsu Ando says:

    That was dope last night @ Aki’s house and def. looking forward to seeing ya tomorrow!!

  13. Madelyn von Hess says:

    Hey I work for Karmaloop TV. We were interested in your site and wanted to email and maybe collaborate by posting and sharing videos possibly on your blog with similar interest etc… please shoot me a email with your email address if possible. That would be awesome and greatly appreciate :)

  14. Yo crazy fellows!
    Like your website… and the clean, fresh, beauty and dope art/graffiti ! You guys have a sick and a uniqe style and one of the best crew world wide.. Dont have shit like that in Norway! Maybe we can do an Link Exchange on our websites?

    Kind regards,

  15. julian says:

    i like your ideas, check out my facebook group; Hollywood pyramids detected
    from julian

  16. chris says:

    The Skateboard-Museum in Stuttgart, Germany needs help to pay it’s rent. As a place which features the history of the sport (free of charge) it’s closing will be missed.
    Maybe you can raise awareness of the financial difficulties of the museum with a posting on your blog.



  17. Sophie says:

    Salut ,

    Je suis à Bruxelles et intéressé par les T-shirt Cosmic Apostles, apparament ils sont sold out ? Une nouvelle fournée de prévue pour bientôt ? Merci.

    • webringjustice says:

      tout ce qui est dispo est online, et il n’y a jamais eu de t-shirt cosmic apostle c’etait des affiches. merci.

  18. nasko says:

    hey dude, any haze wheels t-shirts left maybe? cool site btw

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  20. OaklandPete says:

    This blog is amazing. Wish I’d found it sooner. Great work!

  21. dan says:

    Wanted to contribute some board graphics, we do all of Plan B and Darkstar board graphics. Would be happy to contribute art/ our designs to your blog. hit me up. thanks Dan

  22. Negro Nadal says:

    the best sk8 & art blog ever. you’re the shit men! keep it real. best vibes from argentina!

  23. david flores says:

    one of the best shits i came across on the webs!. keep styling!

  24. Very cool blog and novel method on including varying art forms but all under the criteria of posting quality, music, and culture. I would be interested in your take on comics and literature..

  25. rick says:

    does anyone have the satan natas skateboard for sale

    • Rick says:

      Rick are you looking for a C&D cause the OG NOS would probably be in the High 6/7K today if not more ?

      Ricky Williams

  26. tim waste says:

    hey, you know who did the jason jessee “biker gloves” graphic? i love that image…but i can´t find any info on it, except for your posting of it…

  27. LZD says:

    “PENTAGRAM” t-shirt reçu à la vitesse de la lumière!
    Comme d’habitude top qualité et top graphics!
    In UB we trust!

  28. Rick says:

    Votre Site Web est Super !! Bravo

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