New VCJ series for Powell-Peralta fall 2014. Not the best VCJ but he still got that thing to draw Skulls!

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5 Responses to NEW 2014 VCJ GRAPHICS

  1. Queenslandarghhh says:

    His work now should be better than it was in the 80’s – but it’s not!
    He’s gone backwards.
    I haven’t liked any of his new work since returning to PP.
    Still should release a book on his artwork, and he should have been in Bonus Brigade.

    • webringjustice says:

      Definitly! he surely deserve a book! and it’s a shame he wasn’t on Brigade Doco…must be his side decision on this.
      He seems bored working for PP, look at his work for Pocket Pistols a few years back, it was awesome! My point is PP is lost between its legacy graphic line which is Iconic for sure and the new school demand. Same for their shapes trying to be Welcome.

  2. Queenslandarghhh says:

    Also.. does anyone even buy these sort of decks?

  3. Queenslandarghhh says:

    ..and some of Jim Phillip’s best work was also on Pocket Pistols.
    The Grabke ‘Time Machine’ graphic for Pocket Pistols was a classic.
    And the ‘Concrete Wave’ graphic for Pocket Pistols, also a classic.

  4. webringjustice says:

    True! All of this thanks to Matt French whom bring back those two legendary artists to skateboard graphics.

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