So it’s really on…Shaped decks are back for real!! This old-new market will re-open doors to so many things  graphicaly talking. Popsicle is so boring and so straight-minded products! Let’s free creativity and dont call em’ fucking cruiser! (I guess graphics for this 2 above are from Lucas Musgrave)

One thought on “SANTA CRUZ NEW SHAPED DECKS (2014)

  1. pretty nice! loving the birds as teeth in the one on the right. but why show a skinny popsicle deck in that graphic? don’t make sense. And what’s up with the back truck action in the board on the left? and the stupidly tiny legs? come on, with all the rad photos of pool skating out there as reference it’s not hard to get this shit right! little things like this ruin graphics for me…

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