Download links to all mixtapes updated again….Enjoy!

Bastards have landed! All hail to the 3rd Class Aliens!! Here’s the Tale of the Astrobastard! Once in the debut of the century, 3 young cats by the names of Ice-O-Lator, Franck Whyte & Dirtwolff created a web forum in the ambition of promoting their mixtapes. At that time we’re about “Indie Rap”, looking for something radically different from mainstream rap. It was the era of Def Jux, Metal Face, Psychological Recs, Old Maid and way darker and unknown other “strange” rappers…definitly far away from Jay-Z, Nelly etc…to set things up. Visually, i’d decided to use and abuse of the Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste movie for the whole thing called “astrobastard”. I’d litteraly sucked-up everything i could find from the movie. It was such a good inspiration for what we wanted to do with our “movement”….You’d maybe knew us at the time or not, anyway here’s a little selection of visuals  to reminisce the “Astrobastard” adventure which ended up around 2004/2005.

For that crazy concept i’ve develloped a kind of “Pen & Pixels” poor photoshoped graphic style with Bad Taste faces all over, Bling, Blinged em’ to death. (I’m a str8 up fan of the golden era pen & pixels, i mean No-Limit, Cash money…). Of course everything with Space and Cosmic backgrounds.

For their part, my partners bring the heat on wheels (Turntables with actual Vinyl Disc) and mixed up some strange and dark rap tracks with Sci.Fi interludes I digged from Horror Z movies! The mixtapes (yeah it was K7!!!) gone away pretty well and we proudly gave birth to 4 volumes.

The First two volumes “The Horrorap Vault” and “Crumbs County Delights” only on Tapes!!!

3rd volume, “Galactic Snatchers”, on Tapes & CD’s.

4th volume, “Escape from Kaïhoro”, the last one only on CD’s.

This one could have been the 5th episode, but we never ended it..then stopped with that Astro shit and all gone to something else, return to listen to Jay!

We had a dynamic forum called the “Wankers Club” with hundred of people selected by ourselves (it was private). We dont gain any money of this but we spent good geek times! hahaha! The press also gave us some credits with a few articles in the major rap magazines and internet webzines.

Look! we’re so famous, Kendra & Tera Get on the Mack Truck for a dirty ride through space!

I’ve  passed by the forum a few months ago and was surprised some dudes still posting shit! Peace to my Kaihoro’s Homies aka Sop’ Digithugz and Shone6Mob. I have to shoot out some of our 3rd class aliens down here : FreddyMack, Gnusball, Spiff 2, Mastarz, Kranker, Deyz, KingzrunLines, Tacteel, Bleu Pav, Lester, Soaf, Piggletos, Bewo, GrimReapper, Fitt Slick, Maki, Drunken Mast, Gramercy, Filiz, Blastmasterz, H3r4, Chestburster, Chaosmonger, Pornokidz, Rage87, Hardaway, Supervillaine, Ashes, Lost Emp, Ash Bolt, Elger, Ra…many many more i cant remember. -KoolFunc’88 (aka Dirtwolff)

Here’s the 4 volumes available for free download. (Tracklistings and artworks included). Both links are for the entire mixtapes. ASTROBASTARD VOL.1 ” THE HORRORAP VAULT ” . ASTROBASTARD VOL.2 ” CRUMBS COUNTYDELIGHTS “. ASTROBASTARD VOL.3 ” GALACTIC SNATCHERS “. ASTROBASTARD VOL.4 ” ESCAPE FROM KAÏHORO “


  1. Haha, shit man, so many memories coming back…

    Really though, all hail to you KoolFunc, none of these good times would have happened without you… Loving the blog dilly, peace!

  2. you guys have no idea how much the horrorrap vaults influenced my musical tastes, was sooooo happy find this site today! much respect!!!
    Al Senz from Brussels

  3. number 3 mixtape link to download isnt working to let the author of the page and host of the links know 1,2,4 all work though

  4. Hi,
    Could you host your tapes on other servers than fbi’s one ?

    Been looking for those tapes for years now….failed so closed to have it….

    Thanks in advance !

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