This time the victim fight back a few hours after Kid’s attack with a overpriced t-shirt showing the destroyed soho flagship….Finally someone’s a lil bit smarter! Whatever you think about Kid, he’s a boss for internet buzz. ⚡KoolFunc’88

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  1. Karloz Koonz says:

    Hahahahaha. Kidult got what he deserved this time around.. Jokes on him.

  2. Dave says:

    yup. but since he’s trying to feed his ego/hype by attacking high class/high fashion/big money stores he probably thinks this shirt is a good thing, as it just spreads his name further, makes him more famous. It doesn’t make him look bad.

    I can’t take this stuff seriously because if he was out to hurt these big money brands he wouldn’t do it in the way he does, since it doesn’t really hurt them (in fact, it adds a “street” edge to them, brings publicity to them, and now gives them content for their clothing!) and it also makes it look like he’s down with these fashion people.

    an attack would be to acid etch the windows, throw a brick through the window, set fire to the store, let off stink bombs in the store, shit in the changing rooms… there’s a thousand ways to damage a shop/brand, but painting the word “ART” on the front of their store, then sending photos of it all around the internet (free advertising for the brand!) is a pretty weak, self-serving way to go about it.

    but since street art is all about hype, fame, and selling product, and not about a political stand, then I can hardly be surprised at this kind of thing. it’s all just another boring part of consumer culture.

    And even if I’m wrong, and these works ARE political acts, they still LOOK like a marketing tactic, a part of consumer culture, which I guess means they failed.

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