Yes i know it’s a classic topic, but that serie is a must. I talk about the Natas Kaupas Skateboard decks serie between 1985 & 1990 back when the guy was like one of the most famous street rider, well known for his monstruous ollies and easy wall riding. All those models were released under the SMA (Santa Monica Airlines) label, a division of Santa Cruz, NHS. One more time the original idea of using a panther will be the basement of all the variations during 5 years. The first and original design was handled by Kevin Ancell and Natas, then will be updated by Chris Buchinsky the next year and completely remake by Jim Phillips in 1987. At the same time Wes Humpston delivered his own interpretation in the classic Venice fashion way. The next years, Chris Buchinsky, Justin Forbes, Jimbo Phillips and Natas himself have worked on the “Panther” Grafics. The last one was done by Erik Brunetti and ended the serie with a grafic showing up all other previous models buried in tombstones. In 5 Years, more than 10 different boards were released as Natas was a fuckin’ famous and legendary skate rider. Nowadays every re-issue of any of those decks were instantly sold-out. The last in date was the Humpston one, the better in my opinion. -KoolFunc’88


  1. emotion….
    my first “big” ollies were on a
    desk similar to the red one

    natas ><satan

  2. I argued with my mum for weeks over getting a Natas board for my birthday. She kept bringing up the Satan thing… i eventually won out and ended up having two of the boards from the above list over time…

    Those were the days!

  3. I designed decks for Natas. His new deck is all about Satan & Death as most skate designs are. Stacey Peralta`s logo is the ripper death skull. He`s made a fortune on death imagery…His son just died, r.i.p., and for the rest of his life he wears the death skull and death images as his logo. Now that logo to me means something completely different. What`s with the skull as being rad and cool? I don`t get it. Natas`s new deck sucks. It really sucks. Find an artist, Natas. C. Buchinsky

    1. I thought the only real “devilish” natas graphic was the one by McKee for 101. I can’t see an other one…

  4. I have an old NATAS skateboard I want to sell .I bought it in 1986?….You have kitty one like it in article ..with wind up mouse … however in mine triangle is pink and eyes of kitty red.I dont have original trucks .Original first issue of Independent trucks …

    By the way im writing this for husband so poor skateboard language !
    Regards V

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