I have always thinking that sex sells a lot more than everything, even in a financial crisis time, the porn industry already know that for a long and still the most valuable dvd seller. But it’s not my point of interest right here…I just want to spotlight a brand which take the “sex sells” as a lead and make it work for “street wear”. T.I.T.S aka Two In The Shirt has based his artistic direction only on sexy girls pictures featuring pornstars and erotic models. The fact is they were the first on that terrain and be copycated by numerous other brand since then, so i think they’ve done a great job. I love their concept that consist of letting the people choose the picture which make the final cut on the products.(Great marketing and selling key!).They have worked with Estevan Oriol for the next serie. I will never bought that kind of t-shirt but i think the concept is clever and original, so here’s a few visuals from em’. -KoolFunc’88

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