This is one of those things you love to find in your old stuff boxes…That cover for the french skateboard magazine “”Noway” back in 1990, was illustrated by Mode2 and Colter and i have to admit it was one of our early inspiration to cross over from just tagging our streets to paint burner pieces. My friend Ryck and me, we always got that drawing around when we’re sketching at the time. It’s kind of a great inspiration, not only for the character style but also for the colors and composition. Mode2 was already a monster!!!!! (As you can see, there’s a lot of ink spots on that cover…) -KoolFunc’88

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2 Responses to NOWAY (SK8 MAG) 1990 COVER

  1. TEA7 says:

    putain je l ai eu celui la trop fort

  2. spiral says:

    got it

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