Before becoming the internationaly known entrepreneur that have landed Haro Bicycles, Bob Haro was first a radical rider pioneer in Freestyle Bmx and also a dope illustrator and cartoonist. He has published a lot of his stuff in Bmx Action during the late 70’s and the 80’s. He got a remarkable precision in the details of every pieces of a bike and gear of the riders. Every logos, stickers and accessories are the same as the original one, the cartoon way. Him and OTB (Yann Renauld/BXM Magazine) were such a great inspiration when i was younger. Here’s a lil’ selection of B/W illustration from Bob + a slideshow of his legendary “Lightning Bolt Race plate” Art exhibition. -KoolFunc’88

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4 Responses to BOB HARO “CARTOON” ART

  1. really nice sketches

  2. gb9901 says:

    cool likes 😀 bmxing for life

  3. christine says:

    Bob has always been a cool influence to me in his art bmx drawings.
    i use to look at yhem in the mags all the time.
    great artist. thank you bob.

  4. jerry says:

    is there any way to buy his art work

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