The spoof case…we can call it like that, apparently it’s just a story between a big brand name Powell-Peralta and the young rookie “Blind”, but in fact it’ll be very much important than that, it was a heavy sign of rebelion against big industries in sk8boarding from small companies that ended later with the emergence of various new brands and also a new spirit in skateboarding. All that started with a deliberated front attack to all little sk8 companies by Powell Peralta via press ads and the quick response from world industries and blind’s infamous mogul Steve Rocco with an other ad and deck series we called “Spoof Series”. All 3 boards jokes Classic Powell-Peralta designs (Skull&Bones, Tony Hawk and Per Welinder) and were presented by young rookies (Rudy Johnson, Jason Lee & Mark Gonzales). The 3 Grafics were done by World’s genious in-house designer : Marc McKee. After that, nothing was ever the same and the fall of powell supremacy was also announced…The 90’s will be something else, no doubt! So enjoy those crazy spoof grafics that now cost way more than the original ones…(sorry mister VCJ). -KoolFunc’88

This one is a rejected graphic for the Rudy Johnson, Blind Model : Too near original Welinder deck. (I don’t know Rocco give a fuck about copyrights anyway…hehe!)

Here’s the Dodo Hawk design wich is originaly due to Danny Way but ended to be a Jason Lee pro model…(Danny didn’t want to alter his relation with Tony, even if it’s just a joke from Steve Rocco)

The only response to World’s attack was that board designed by Sean Cliver with the Blind Ripper, but not so long after Sean left Powell for World and join Marc McKee to form the greatest Sk8 Grafic Team ever at World and deliver the more sought after decks of all time….the rest his history.

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  1. Regis Barbee says:

    This is a piece of history !
    Thanks for sharing this Mr88 !

  2. GatorALLin says:

    Great write up!! I have a few of the Blind Ripper decks and would like to share pictures with you here:

    Here is a purple one signed by George himself:

    and here:

    This one is a spoof of a natural woodgrain one:

    Here is my real woodgrain one:

    Here is my Red one:

    Here is a black one that I don’t have and hope to one day find in NOS condition:

    Email me Here if you have any ripper for sale please:

  3. KOOLFUNC'88 says:

    Whoa! what a collection!!!! thx chris

  4. Josh says:

    I Still have all three originals in NOS.. I bought one set to ride, one set to hang on the wall. Wish I had kept them both for wall hangers. I guess one will have to do. I still have the original ad for them framed as well. The best graphic set of all time

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