When it comes to protection stuff, i know nowadays nobody wear em’ till it’s mandatory even if tricks are higher and harder! But in racing bmx, mostly everyone wears at least helmet. When i used to ride tracks, the high class helmet was the JT Racing ALS-1, originaly designed for Moto-X, that helmet got a special look no other helmet got, with square angles from the visor to the back of the head. It was the most expensive one and i think only sponsored riders or rich riders can afford one at the time. I’ve dreamed so long having it when i was a teen. With Oakley mask & Goggle, you’re looking fast & invincible! hahah! -KoolFunc’88

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  1. gsguccilife says:

    Good luck buying one these days…a fortune!

  2. FUNCRIME'88 says:

    i know..i know…

  3. giovanni says:

    prejudice wanted to know where to buy your helmets jt and if you could kindly send me the catalog 2010

  4. FUNCRIME'88 says:

    Those JT are vintage and your only chance to cop one is ebay by now..

  5. gabriel says:

    The best web site JT racing USA is http://jtracing.jimdo.com

  6. phared says:

    i’m from m’sia.. i would like to buy this helmet.. how?

  7. phared says:

    i’m from m’sia.. how can i buy this helmet set?

  8. sam says:

    Anyone know where you can still buy on of these?

  9. Jim Wathen says:

    How can I buy some of this stuff?

  10. Johnny O'Hannah says:

    Love the photos!! I work for JT racing today (Johnny O’Hannah) drop me an email at warewolven@msn.com.

  11. Spurlin says:

    I want Mike Miranda s pink…

  12. Paul says:

    Hi can I buy one of these helmets and where is best place to buy thank you

  13. Stefania says:

    Ciao cerco occhiale con maschera completa scott o mentoniere bianca rossa

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