Yeah it’s old but since i’ve been thinking, posting plenty of things related to U.B on that blog was cool, that one fits easily. Back in 2004, I’ve been recruited to make a background painting for a Beastie Boys interview on french tv channel’s Canal+. Damn! who’s gonna say no to this! Beastie was probably the first group putting me in that “Rap” music shit!!.. We decided with the producer of the interview to do a remake of the classic “Graff-Logo” originaly crafted by Cey1 and i hope I didn’t torture it that much…huh! It was placed in situation in a classy Parisian hotel. I have to say  it looks Great!!!! I’ve heard the Beasties loved it too. Unfortunatly, i haven’t meet em’ at the time of the interview. Here’s the opening animation and the pict. -KoolFunc’88

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