This one is for my homie Rec’Plateus, here’s the official catalog picts from HARO Bmx “freestyler” series from 1985 to 1988, mainly based on 3 models : The FST, The Sport (mid-range) and The Master (Top notch class!). I think they launch the 1st serie in 1984 but i cant find the catalog no more.  At that time Freestyle bmx was so Hype!!! everybody wants to be involve even people who are hardcore “Racing” fiends like me. Anyway here’s a great part of memorabilia we have dreamed on when we were kids! – KoolFunc’88


The Master (1985). Everybody wants that frame back in days, Double top tube, platform and forged pegs! It was so expensive that i have to cop a pale steel copy made by french distributor Velo 2000.


The Sport, a classy alternative to the Master even if it’s stay expensive for the era.


The FST, my favourite!, it’s a freestyle bike you can ride Race Track with!…I’d be damned for not copping one! We were so obsessed with that “Master” thing! haha!!


The Master 86 with the Color/chrome combo! Insane!. I don’t know who’s the first between Haro & Redline to put this treatment to their frames, both were amazing!


Sport 86.


“Freestyler” Range 86. Damned the FST!!!!


1987 Framesets, Master & Sport. New Decals, the previous were much much better…..Rear brake goes down tubes (Classic fashion way in 87).


Master 87. Colors are too fucking “redline”. Note the apparition of the Lazer disc Peregrine sprocket. Definitly a late 80’s classic object.

sport87Sport 87.

fst87FST 87.

FRAMESETS881988 Framesets.

master88Master 88.

sport88Sport 88.

fsx88The FSX, a variant for the FST. Dont remember exactly where’s the difference. Accesories maybe.

fst88FST 88.

I have to say those bikes are like candies!!!…You see em’ you want em’. I have to digg a little more and find some other catalogs, especially the Redline or Skyway ones. I know i got em’. Now if you want one like these, good luck on Ebay! The last time i search for “freestyler”, i just saw a Master87 frameset for about 950$.

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27 Responses to HARO “FREESTYLER” SERIES (85-88)

  1. fredthebread says:

    it’s so beautiful

    • flatland87 says:

      I have an 87 Master tricked out with chrome knee savers Redline three pcs. cranks Peregrine 48’s. The black, blue to chrome frame with the yellow decals. Its my rider bike. Super light bike and it rides like its 1987. Best bike ever made IMO! I like the 87 decals much better then the earlier ones. but then again I guess I am biased.

      • Tony L Settle says:

        Sweet bike. Seen i guy a couple hours ago on a crome haro, said it was an ’86 but it was a single tube frame. Gor a pic on instagrame. #nonstopuntillidrop. Got a sick 24 inch hyper im buildin’ no way cool likea vintage haro but check it out. Nof for racin’… got a flamethrower on it. I think way out the box!! Phoenix Arizona!! peace…(f.b. tony settle)

  2. Steve says:

    i write a message for fouding a haro bike for chrismas? i like the sport model 88″ Brian blythe and a friendly ” coucou ” from France. Steve

  3. scott rawson says:

    i have a teal haro fst freestyler and i can’t figure out what year it is.

  4. FUNCRIME'88 says:

    i would say 88…as they introduced that colorway this year.

  5. rando says:

    coolest bike ever

  6. 4130 says:

    Have an ’86 and ’88 with bars. One was blue and chrome, other is stickered and orange with origional white primer.

  7. ty says:

    I have a sport 88.5 .. its the one with back breaks at the bottom .I have knee savers handlebars 3 piece fusion cranks ..para grind 48 lots of little extras need air in tires only for sale make offer no cracks all Chrome…. originally it was salmon orange and black and chrome I turn 40 next year time to let it go to a good home call or tex ? To 419-345-4006 thank you for your time

    • sirbrad says:

      40? I am 43 and still riding and many other guys and old pros still ride in their 50’s and 60’s. You never get too old to ride you get old because you stop riding.

  8. Mike Mc says:

    I have my 85 green FSt from BITD. I need a sticker set for it! Anybody know where I can find one?

  9. JB says:

    Got an 1986 master for sale. Been restored. Jba0876@hotmail.com. It’s badass.

  10. Vernon says:

    I have a 85 freestlyer fst im trying to determine value and wanting to sell, but I have no clue where to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • webringjustice says:

      There isn’t any type of price list for those kind of gems, but if you look at bmxmuseum forums maybe you could have more precision on this bike. For my part i would say if it’s in great condition with og factory gears, about $1500.

  11. David Phaneuf says:

    I have a Haro sport freestyler 87 im looking to get rid of.

  12. Charles lentz says:

    I have a 1987 haro fst frame and I’m52 years old, and still love to ride freestyle bikes. It sure wuold be nice to get some help and donations building it. I need sime good parts to out on it, but money is so tight right now with raising 2 grandbabies. Please help me out yall. Thanx.

  13. Steve says:

    I just came across my old FSX and don’t really know what I have… How do I figure out what it is exactly?
    Please advise by email hendersonarmy@comcast.net

  14. Mike says:

    I have a 88 Haro master in the barn. Had it since 90.fixed it up for my son to ride in2005.

  15. Tony L Settle says:

    Now i belive you youngsters refer to a vintage work of art like the haro freestyier as shown it this pic. as… SICK!! WOW!! @NONSTOPUNTILLIDROP… INSTAGRAM 😆 🎯👍🍻👉💯👈💪💣⚘📸

  16. Mark Rothermel says:

    Hi , I have a haro master 1988 mint condition had it as a kid all original. Would like to know what it’s worth?

  17. Willie j Molden jr says:

    Really did miss that bike it was the best bike I had another one

  18. John Bogl says:

    I have a 86 sport, missing the og wheels and 1 brake lever FOR SALE.. Call or text 810 824 8327.. Bike is clean , no cracks, normal wear

  19. Sky Boecker says:

    I believe I have an 88 serial # H87051302. Can you confirm?

  20. BRUCE R SWANSON says:

    I have an 86 White and chrome sport she is absolutely gorgeous now I got her at a yard sale for 25 bucks it was a basket case had all the parts except brakes paint was rough decals all brittle and cracked but I got down to it stripped her down had her powder coated white but kept the Chrome right where it was supposed to be I bought dye comp 883 with tech 77 levers the only thing I changed was adding a rotor which the group one gooseneck was made for got brand new Haro decals from Haro also new folding foot pegs from Haro. She is absolutely gorgeous now

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